Artifact Uprising

I recently got an email from Artefact Uprising, a new service from VSCo, providing prints and photobooks. Ok, so that in itself is nothing new, places like Photobox have been around for many years, haven’t they? In fact there’s a multitude of online services to get your photos printed. The email gave me an offer to link my VSCo account to the new iPhone app, and 25 free 14cmx14cm prints. I do like a freebie, so I grabbed the first 25 suitable images from my camera roll and placed an order.

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Along time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, in what seems so long ago it’s almost a different life, I had been let down by a model for a shoot we had planned.


It didn’t bother me, and using the magic of social media, I tweeted I had a day free, booked off from the day job and everything, was anyone free and wanting to shoot?

I got a reply from Almost Famous, Manchester’s infamous burgers and booze restaurant, they might have a plan for me if I was available. Their Northern Quarter restaurant had almost burnt to the ground literally the week previously, but they had plans to rise like a boozy hot sauce phoenix from the ashes, top secret plans that became the Northern Burger Powerhouse of Almost Famous Restaurants in Liverpool, Leeds, and another in Manchester (it would sadly be a while before the original NQ joint would reopen).

Anyway, 2015, and we’re now on version 3.0 of the AF portraits, initially shot by myself back in May, and these have been passed on to the amazing Ejectos to add his own brand of fucked up Disney-esque graffiti to the images to coincide with AF’s new menu launch (yet to be sampled by myself, but that’s happening very soon).

Ejectos sent me the amazing images earlier. I’ve already seen a shot of the AF Burger Van, the Wonder Truck, seen at festivals all over the place this summer.

If you’ve not been to Almost Famous, then you must.

Tsarina Soma

I briefly mentioned in my blog post yesterday about Little Sofi's new jewellery range, Tsarina Somaand we took some photos to help illustrate her Etsy store, as well as other social media channels, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Tsarina Soma is handmade jewellery using real crystals, necklaces and rings with a spiritual fashion vibe.

I've picked out a few of my favourite images from the shoot below. Links to all the Tsarina Soma sites are above, and you can email Sofi direct at

WOW247 - Instagrammer’s Guide to Manchester: Chris W Parker

I was recently asked by WOW247, an events, food, drink, and social website, if I could contribute to their website, in particular an 'Instagrammers Guide To Manchester'. Of course, if you do follow me on Instagram then you know most of my photos are of my model photography - not particularly Manchester themed! But I do live in the great city of Manchester, it's my adopted home, and I do take photos in and around the area. So I found five fitting photos to write about...

Full article on the WOW247 website here...

Red Light Lit Vol. 8

My friends in San Francisco, Jennifer and Veronica, are about to launch volume 8 of their amazing book, Red Light Lit, and had an amazing review in SF Weekly, featuring one of my recent photos with Abbie and Sofi. I'm always really pleased to have my work featured with Red Light Lit, they were the first to publish my poetry, and used some images from my Abstract Projections series for the cover on Volume 6. I hope to get more work published by them in the future. 

2015-05-14 22.42.06.png

Mister__Parker on Instagram

One of my aims for this year is to try and promote myself and my own work a little more, be that photography or writing. I had a read an interesting article in the AoP's quarterly magazine a while back about how social media is replacing a lot of traditional methods of self promotion, even websites, not just print portfolios - I still have my old lovely print box at home, acetate sleeved mounted prints, in a bespoke carry case. 

I have varied tumblr accounts (found via links on the Photography page of this here website), often used for separate projects such as Thr Grey Sessions from a couple of years ago, but when I reactivated my Instagram account last year, I decided to neglect the usual trend of photos of food, cats, and selfies, and to mainly post my own work. More and more I've seen photographers have their portfolios link directly to Instagram, some eschewing a website all together, concentrating just on Twitter and Instagram.

I enjoy having a website, and it gives me more freedom to blog and post what I would like, but it's always worth reminding myself that Instagram is as valid a medium for showcasing my photography as any other. 

So please do feel free to have a look for yourself, and any feedback is gladly welcome.

you can find me on



New(ish) Prints at Almost Famous

It was about 18months ago, not long after the original Northern Quarter restaurant, Almost Famous, almost burned down (now thankfully reopened), and a random tweet from myself ended up with me taking photos of the lovely Beth which in turn became a main feature of the chain's new restaurant at the Great Northern in Manchester. There's a sample image from that shoot on my home page, and I was rather proud to see my work so prominent in the new premises.

Last year I was hired again to create new images with some of the current staff at AF GN, to create a bit more variety, and to refresh the images. I had mostly forgotten about them (also with the more local NQ restaurant reopening, I hadn't been down to the Great Northern in a while), so I was surprised to see on twitter some images showing the new giant photos. I eventually made it back there last night, and managed to get a quick shot!

I'm not much of a commercial photographer these days, with my day job steering me away from taking photos for a living and more towards a management role. But I am very much enjoying having photography back as a hobby and glorious pastime again. Saying that, of the few commercial jobs I do end up doing, it's magnificent to see the final product so big, and almost part of the identity of the restaurant chain.

I might not be a well known name in photography (and neither am I wanting to be really), but to know that so many people will have been exposed to my portraiture is a warm fuzzy feeling.

2015 - Onwards & Upwards

Despite post new year blues, I'm happy that I have been creating new photographs, and I have some fantastic shoots coming up soon too. I shall be working again with the fantastic (and also Suicide Girl) Abbie Mac, and have access to one of Manchester's wonderful bars to shoot in. I've been forewarned it's rather dim in there, words which once would have me worried, but I'm looking forward to getting the X100T used, and I will be carrying a speed light just in case I need a little extra. I have another upcoming shoot with another model in a couple of weeks, which may be a little more on the fetish side of things, but also looking forward to getting good results from this. The combination of fetish, bdsm, and fashion style photography has always intrigued and interested me, and there has always been an element of the darker side in fashion photography. Even going back to Horst P Horst's Mainbocher Corset image, one of the most famous photographs in the world, and a fixture in Vogue's September 1939 edition, is a highly erotically charged image, one that has been emulated repeatedly, inspiring everyone from Donna Karan to Madonna. I shall hopefully be posting images from both these shoots and more in good time. 

Meanwhile, I've spent my Christmas break with a couple of quick shoot with my good friend and now neighbour, Trudie, as below, as well as on (also, NSFW!)



Das Auto-portrait.

I admit it, in recent years my own narcissism has grown. I am vain. And whilst in he last 12 months I have broken the 'selfie' habit (BTW, I despise the word 'selfie', I wish 'auto portrait' had caught on...), I do still enjoy taking the occasional photos of my own beardy face.

I remembered on Friday night that I had been meaning to experiment more with the X100T's wifi capability. I was already quite familiar with being able to browse the camera from my iPad, being able to pull off the fantastic quality jpgs. But I hadn't properly looked at the remote control function. And what better way than to point it at myself, being able to see (via iPhone connected via wifi and the Fuji app) myself, and all the controls for the camera. It was only a quick test, but found a favourite (and new profile pic) by accident. Forget the moody 1000 yard stare, I think I was actually busy staring at my iPhone! 

All in all, it's another winning feature of Fuji's X-series cameras.  



High Street, Manchester

I took a sneaky trip to the very top of a local multi-storey car park in Manchester yesterday, figuring I'd have a great view across High Street, along the tram tracks. I was shooting in to the light, which gave great shadows and the low winter sun shone the length of the street. I'm not great with heights, and was wary of leaning out too far to get the shot, but I'm please with what I have. 



X100T x 100

Yea, I know I'm in danger of becoming a Fuji X100 fanboy, but for good reason. I have also started a new tumblr blog for the camera - - where I aim to post 100 images straight from camera (one of the fantastic features of the X100T being the wifi and ipad/iPhone apps, I can grab images from the camera wherever I am and post to tumblr, facebook, Twitter, etc... Of course I've not forgotten the pleasure of print, but we all must admit that a large percentage of our photography these days is online only)

Anyway, before I start rambling... A quick shot from this morning on the way to work, there was a glorious sunrise. 



FujiFilm X100T

I've been neglecting you. Sorry. 

I've no real news to share, although I have a new camera, a wonderful Fuji X100T. I've been after one since the original X100 came out 4 years ago, so very happy to finally own one. 

I took it out on my way home from work last night, mainly to test the high ISO capability of it, shooting at ISO 3200. And I'm astounded at the results, fantastic tonal range, minimal noise. 

I'm looking forward to shooting more and more with this. Next step is to find some people to shoot.


The Fragment App

I'm still a little unmotivated at the moment, not shooting much, and not writing much. Just a little busy with life and such. But I have been revisiting some old photos, with the help of the Fragment app ( on my iPad. I've been getting some interesting results, which suit the part of me that likes my photography to be a little more abstract. It's lovely to use, does take a little getting use to the UI, but once that's done, it's great fun. The best results were from using the 'shuffle' button, and then refining from there. 

I've added some examples below. 



Some changes...

Over the last 6-12 months, there's been quite a few changes to my circumstances, least of which was a slight change in direction in my career. I'm now working for Photolink, managing all the imagery produced, an integral part in fashion photography production. It's a job that i very much enjoy, and one that takes up a lot of my time and energy - I'm always busy. But whilst my passion for photography has by no means diminished, my practice of photography has dwindled. I do not produce as much of my own photography these days - don't get me wrong, it's all for a good reason, and I am not quitting the creation of images altogether. I'm hoping to refine my work, and produce higher quality, if fewer photographs. Quality over quantity. Projects are still in mind, and will happen.

I am still doing the occasional PR photography for old friends like Almost Famous, and helping my friend Charlie with photographs for her blog (in exchange for booze usually). But one aspect of my creativity I am wanting to push is my writing. For years I have scrawled short essays, poems of miserable hedonism, and also now a little blogging. I get a lot of enjoyment from writing, and I hope to push myself further.

So it was time to change my website to reflect this. No big changes - I've taken the word 'photographer' off my logo, and added a Writing section. I hope to add to it more regularly, with new published blogs and poems, maybe some short stories. We shall see...

If anyone has any critique, comments, or suggestions (or requests!), please do let me know.



Coco Malone

I was really pleased to be asked by my friend Coco if she could use some of my portraits for her new website,

Coco is a wonderful soul and jazz singer, performing up and down the country, I believe she's recently had a residence at The Playboy Club. Please take a second to visit her site, see the videos of her performing. 

You might recognise the photos from my Grey Sessions project, two photos of Coco are on my homepage gallery here too.  



Headshots & Portraits

I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Bethany again this week, this time not a burger in sight! She just wanted some headshots taking, nothing too elaborate. But then again, sometimes the simplest things are the best. 


Headshot/portrait photography is available starting at £60.  

Neu Projections

Back in 2012 I had a project called Abstract Projections which wonderfully got exhibited at the Festival Of The Erotic Arts in Edinburgh, and published in a fabulously posh glossy magazine in Brazil. I completed the project at the end of 2012.

As fate would have it, whilst in discussion with my pretty young lady, Emily, she wanted to explore a similar idea, and thus Neu Projections has been undertaken. I may continue with some similarly abstract themed work throughout the year, but for now here's a preview of the current project

(Also prints of both Abstract and Neu Projections are available here)