The Nikon Df

So today Nikon have announced the launch of the new Df DSLR, and what a pretty retro beauty it is. 

I confess, I am a Nikon user. I have no real bias towards one brand over another, and I'm as comfortable with a Canon, Mamiya, Fuji, and Hasselblad, as I am with digital, 35mm Medium Format, and 5x4/10x8 film. But when I first started out with photography, in a pre-digital era (which wasn't that long ago, this isn't one of those 'Eeee, I remember when this was all fields, y'know...' posts), my first SLR camera was a Nikon, and when the time came to switch to digital, as all my lens stock, flashguns and accessories were compatible with the Nikon and Fuji DSLR systems, well, it made sense to stick with it... 

But whilst I have never really been a gear obsessed photographer, I was always in love with the beauty and nostalgia associated with my own personal photographic heroes, Phillip Jones-Griffiths and Don McCullin, Diane Arbus and Richard Avedon to name a few. The completely manual Nikon FM cameras were mythical objects of desire, I always lusted after a FM2 or a FM3a.

Today my email inboxes have been filling up with marketing emails from Calumet and  WEX Photographic with news of the new Nikon Df, it's glorious retro styling, instantly taking me back to pouring over books of photojournalism from the 1960s and 70s, seeing the actual Nikon that stopped a bullet that would have killed Don McCullin at the National Media Museum in Bradford.

Alas, I haven't got £2750 knocking around to replace my trusty but ageing Nikon DSLR, but much like the Fuji X-series of cameras, I am fully approving the return to a bit of retro design. The full details of the Nikon Df can be found here.