Weekly update 28th June

So, while the summer weather in Manchester remains, well, typical Manchester summer weather (i.e. wet, muggy, horrible), any plans for outdoor shoots have been postponed for the moment.

But shoots are still going ahead. Tonight I have another Grey Sessions shoot with Lara, which I'm expecting to be a little more vintage styled. Tomorrow brings a fine art shoot with another new (to me) model called Vicky Lea, which should bring forth some interesting shots, some of which might be more fitting to my NSFW collection. Another Grey Sessions shoot is next Thursday with an old friend, Cheryl, and in the mean time there will be the usual product and lifestyle photography.

I'm also seeking any Manchester (i.e. local) small businesses that might like some free editorial photography of the premises and production, be that engineering, food/catering/beverages, design, mainly someone who makes and definable product. I would like to build up more of this sort of thing in my portfolio.

I'm still offering very good rates on product and lifestyle photography for anyone who requires it - please email me with your requirements, and I can tailor a quote to best fit your needs.

Have a good weekend!