Outfit Of The Day!

I set myself a little project for Instagram recently. There are a lot of fashion bloggers on there, and a lot of people who like to post photos of their 'Outfit Of The Day' and hashtag it #ootd.

So, whilst being a photographer who does keep keen eye on fashion (even if it is with a 'that's fashion? Pfft!' type attitude at times), I am quite a sartorially challenged chap myself - I basically have a uniform of black t-shirt and jeans and converse. Not an OCD thing at all. Nope. In denial about that.

So I set about creating a weeks worth of photos for a daily sarcastic #ootd, tagged with #chrisdoesfashiontips. Of course it's the same outfit everyday, maybe a change of prop or hat.

I'm not sure everyone quite 'got' it, least not straight away...