Das Auto-portrait.

I admit it, in recent years my own narcissism has grown. I am vain. And whilst in he last 12 months I have broken the 'selfie' habit (BTW, I despise the word 'selfie', I wish 'auto portrait' had caught on...), I do still enjoy taking the occasional photos of my own beardy face.

I remembered on Friday night that I had been meaning to experiment more with the X100T's wifi capability. I was already quite familiar with being able to browse the camera from my iPad, being able to pull off the fantastic quality jpgs. But I hadn't properly looked at the remote control function. And what better way than to point it at myself, being able to see (via iPhone connected via wifi and the Fuji app) myself, and all the controls for the camera. It was only a quick test, but found a favourite (and new profile pic) by accident. Forget the moody 1000 yard stare, I think I was actually busy staring at my iPhone! 

All in all, it's another winning feature of Fuji's X-series cameras.