Some changes...

Over the last 6-12 months, there's been quite a few changes to my circumstances, least of which was a slight change in direction in my career. I'm now working for Photolink, managing all the imagery produced, an integral part in fashion photography production. It's a job that i very much enjoy, and one that takes up a lot of my time and energy - I'm always busy. But whilst my passion for photography has by no means diminished, my practice of photography has dwindled. I do not produce as much of my own photography these days - don't get me wrong, it's all for a good reason, and I am not quitting the creation of images altogether. I'm hoping to refine my work, and produce higher quality, if fewer photographs. Quality over quantity. Projects are still in mind, and will happen.

I am still doing the occasional PR photography for old friends like Almost Famous, and helping my friend Charlie with photographs for her blog (in exchange for booze usually). But one aspect of my creativity I am wanting to push is my writing. For years I have scrawled short essays, poems of miserable hedonism, and also now a little blogging. I get a lot of enjoyment from writing, and I hope to push myself further.

So it was time to change my website to reflect this. No big changes - I've taken the word 'photographer' off my logo, and added a Writing section. I hope to add to it more regularly, with new published blogs and poems, maybe some short stories. We shall see...

If anyone has any critique, comments, or suggestions (or requests!), please do let me know.