Mister__Parker on Instagram

One of my aims for this year is to try and promote myself and my own work a little more, be that photography or writing. I had a read an interesting article in the AoP's quarterly magazine a while back about how social media is replacing a lot of traditional methods of self promotion, even websites, not just print portfolios - I still have my old lovely print box at home, acetate sleeved mounted prints, in a bespoke carry case. 

I have varied tumblr accounts (found via links on the Photography page of this here website), often used for separate projects such as Thr Grey Sessions from a couple of years ago, but when I reactivated my Instagram account last year, I decided to neglect the usual trend of photos of food, cats, and selfies, and to mainly post my own work. More and more I've seen photographers have their portfolios link directly to Instagram, some eschewing a website all together, concentrating just on Twitter and Instagram.

I enjoy having a website, and it gives me more freedom to blog and post what I would like, but it's always worth reminding myself that Instagram is as valid a medium for showcasing my photography as any other. 

So please do feel free to have a look for yourself, and any feedback is gladly welcome.

you can find me on http://www.instagram.com/Mister__Parker