2015 - Onwards & Upwards

Despite post new year blues, I'm happy that I have been creating new photographs, and I have some fantastic shoots coming up soon too. I shall be working again with the fantastic (and also Suicide Girl) Abbie Mac, and have access to one of Manchester's wonderful bars to shoot in. I've been forewarned it's rather dim in there, words which once would have me worried, but I'm looking forward to getting the X100T used, and I will be carrying a speed light just in case I need a little extra. I have another upcoming shoot with another model in a couple of weeks, which may be a little more on the fetish side of things, but also looking forward to getting good results from this. The combination of fetish, bdsm, and fashion style photography has always intrigued and interested me, and there has always been an element of the darker side in fashion photography. Even going back to Horst P Horst's Mainbocher Corset image, one of the most famous photographs in the world, and a fixture in Vogue's September 1939 edition, is a highly erotically charged image, one that has been emulated repeatedly, inspiring everyone from Donna Karan to Madonna. I shall hopefully be posting images from both these shoots and more in good time. 

Meanwhile, I've spent my Christmas break with a couple of quick shoot with my good friend and now neighbour, Trudie, as below, as well as on http://nsfw.chriswparker.co.uk (also, NSFW!)