New(ish) Prints at Almost Famous

It was about 18months ago, not long after the original Northern Quarter restaurant, Almost Famous, almost burned down (now thankfully reopened), and a random tweet from myself ended up with me taking photos of the lovely Beth which in turn became a main feature of the chain's new restaurant at the Great Northern in Manchester. There's a sample image from that shoot on my home page, and I was rather proud to see my work so prominent in the new premises.

Last year I was hired again to create new images with some of the current staff at AF GN, to create a bit more variety, and to refresh the images. I had mostly forgotten about them (also with the more local NQ restaurant reopening, I hadn't been down to the Great Northern in a while), so I was surprised to see on twitter some images showing the new giant photos. I eventually made it back there last night, and managed to get a quick shot!

I'm not much of a commercial photographer these days, with my day job steering me away from taking photos for a living and more towards a management role. But I am very much enjoying having photography back as a hobby and glorious pastime again. Saying that, of the few commercial jobs I do end up doing, it's magnificent to see the final product so big, and almost part of the identity of the restaurant chain.

I might not be a well known name in photography (and neither am I wanting to be really), but to know that so many people will have been exposed to my portraiture is a warm fuzzy feeling.