Update July 2019


I’ve been lax in updating my journal, I apologise.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a few things, a couple of personal photography projects, and expanding my content marketing writing work.

One of the things I’ve been working on is finding a better job. I work full time as a photographer, it’s not just a hobby. But I am finding myself slowly becoming jaded with product artwork and studio photography, mainly due to the lack of career progression, and personal and professional development. The work can be veryrepetitive, and often frustrating. I’ve lost some of my love for photography through it, I rarely conduct model shoots these days.

To that end, I’m seeking something further. But who am I?

Obviously, I’m a photographer, but far from just pushing the shutter button and it’s all done. Being a professional photographer means I’m a chef, I’m a designer, I’m a set builder, electrician, plumber, stylist, fashionista, carpenter, mechanic, retoucher, IT support, art director… and the list can go on and on, before I press the button, take the photo. I’m a problem solver. It’s just that it all usually ends with a photograph.

Commercial work:http://www.chriswparker.co.uk/commercial

Food photography: http://www.chriswparker.co.uk/food

Portrait photography: http://www.chriswparker.co.uk/portraits

 And did you know I also write? I am a published poet, but that’s not very employable, and most of my work in that sense is of more a personal nature. But I also have a portfolio of published content marketing blogs, and I am eager to find more work in this industry.

 If you’re reading this, please do browse my website for the photography and writing, and please get in touch for any freelance work you might have, and especially any opportunities within Greater Manchester (particularly in the city centre)