Along time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, in what seems so long ago it’s almost a different life, I had been let down by a model for a shoot we had planned.


It didn’t bother me, and using the magic of social media, I tweeted I had a day free, booked off from the day job and everything, was anyone free and wanting to shoot?

I got a reply from Almost Famous, Manchester’s infamous burgers and booze restaurant, they might have a plan for me if I was available. Their Northern Quarter restaurant had almost burnt to the ground literally the week previously, but they had plans to rise like a boozy hot sauce phoenix from the ashes, top secret plans that became the Northern Burger Powerhouse of Almost Famous Restaurants in Liverpool, Leeds, and another in Manchester (it would sadly be a while before the original NQ joint would reopen).

Anyway, 2015, and we’re now on version 3.0 of the AF portraits, initially shot by myself back in May, and these have been passed on to the amazing Ejectos to add his own brand of fucked up Disney-esque graffiti to the images to coincide with AF’s new menu launch (yet to be sampled by myself, but that’s happening very soon).

Ejectos sent me the amazing images earlier. I’ve already seen a shot of the AF Burger Van, the Wonder Truck, seen at festivals all over the place this summer.

If you’ve not been to Almost Famous, then you must.