Artifact Uprising

I expect quite a few photographers and iPhone photographers will have heard of VSCo, the Visual Supply Company. They’ve been making image presets for photographers for a good few years, some lush film emulations, and they have their very popular photo editing app, VSCOCam. They also have their own image hosting site, once a potential rival to Instagram - here’s mine, 

I admit, like a lot of photographers, I’ve had my wrists slapped by VSCo a couple of times for the occasional nipple appearing on my VSCo Grid…

Anyway… I recently got an email from Artifact Uprising, a new service from VSCo, providing prints and photobooks. Ok, so that in itself is nothing new, places like Photobox have been around for many years, haven’t they? In fact there’s a multitude of online services to get your photos printed. The email gave me an offer to link my VSCo account to the new iPhone app, and 25 free 14cmx14cm prints. I do like a freebie, so I grabbed the first 25 suitable images from my camera roll and placed an order.

Over a week later they arrived, and boy was I happy with them. Printed on lush card stock, with a border around each photo, they were more than just prints. There were issues with the first order, mostly teething trouble with the app, but their customer service, ever helpful, soon sorted that out, and ended up with a free duplicate set of prints, and credit towards a second order (very quickly placed and fulfilled!)

I’ve now got a few of these framed and up on my wall (and it’s really tricky to find square small frames, I’ve found, which in the Instagram age I wouldn’t have thought to be so hard to source!), and just waiting to see what I might do with the others. I may even do a giveaway competition or something, interested? Leave a comment!

I don’t have any offer codes to give away, but please do visit and sign up at, I’m sure there’ll be some offers coming via email soon!