The Drunken Butcher (Or How I Was A Kitchen Assistant For A Day, And All I Got Was This Lousy Hangover)

(NB - That subtitle is misleading, I got fed delicious food, drank delicious drinks, and had a fantastic time. And a hangover)

Supper clubs have in recent years grown internationally, from being somewhat of an underground movement to more of a mainstream alternative night out. It's a simple concept, you book and pay to go to the hosts house, where you will be cooked a three to five course meal, often based on a theme. You then tip the host based on how much you enjoyed yourself. It's usually a BYOB affair, and they are friendly, funny, and even if you're attending on your own, everyone is made welcome. Be prepared to make new friends. 

Last Friday I joined Iain Devine, aka The Drunken Butcher, in his kitchen in South Manchester, primarily to take photos of the day, and help out in the kitchen and the evening. And to get rather drunk too, it appears. 

Iain is passionate about food, everything from the sourcing of it, to the preparation and the combinations and themes of his evenings. He talked me through the construction of the evening's delicacies, whilst I assisted in a bit of chopping, stirring, and of pouring drinks for us hot and thirsty cooks and helpers. There was a fair bit of bourbon consumed...

We spent most of the day chatting any old thing, not just food, everything from music, photography, art, and the perfect Old Fashioned - something of which I consider myself a little bit of an aficionado. 

I also chatted to Iain's lovely wife, somewhat feeling sorry for her, arriving home from a busy day at work to find a house full of people, but she assured me how much she also enjoyed hosting the evenings, sometimes up to three times a week. It was a fantastically sociable evening, and good to see some old some old friends. 

It was a pleasure to see Iain at work, and to get carried along in his passion, seeing his creative process. Also, who ever brought the hipflask for the Secret Santa, thank you. You've no idea how wonderful a gift that was!