New Work - Obey

It's been a long time since I undertook the Abstract Projections project for the first time, back in 2012 in fact, and I've been wanting to create something more abstract again since, but not quite found the right angle. Last summer, one of my regular models and great friends, Little Sofi, asked me if I'd be interested in producing some shoe based images. I'm no foot fetishist, but as admirer of such great photographers as Guy Bourdin and Ed Fox, I wanted to see what I could achieve. But again, I just couldn't fine quite the right angle. 

Last night I had inspiration, once more looking through Bourdin's Exhibit A book, and stumbling online across some of David Lynch's work for Louboutin. I was shooting with Sofi this afternoon, primarily some images for her new jewellery range Tsarina Soma (images for which I will post about tomorrow), so asked her to bring some choice footwear along so we could see how the ideas in my head looked in practice...

I decided to call this series Obey, referencing the command 'to heel', and an element of fetish/BDSM that could attributed to high heels. I make no statement within the photos about any dominance or submission, implied or otherwise, that is for the viewer to decide.