A Content Moment

It's those moments,

In the dark,

And you moan in your sleep,

You shift, and you stir.

I smile,

Smugly satisfied,

You're in my bed again.

And either half asleep,

Or half awake,

You find the contours

Of my body,

and you snuggle in.

My god, it's bliss.


You just wiggle that booty.

Let it find it's own space,

Nestling against my crotch.

And I feel myself grow,

Hard, for you.

And my cock throbs,


For you.

For that arse.

I groan quietly,

Enjoying the slideshow in my mind,

All the mental photos 

I've taken,

Of you,

Of us.

I silently debate,

Do I just continue to hold you?

Or do I wake you.

Fuck you.

Love you.