The darkness

That fills your soul,

Draws me near,

Consumes me whole. 

We share our day,

We share the hours. 

You give me reason

To give you flowers. 

You turn the key in the lock,

Then through my jeans you grab my cock. 

Against the wall by your neck I push,

My lips on yours to make you hush.

My fingers explore, they find your ass,

Your knees go weak, I hear you gasp,

I hear you moan, I hear my name,

I hear your need, your need for pain.

I take you hard across my knee,

Your world is now only me,

And my hand, and every spank,

You scream your eternal thanks.

And next you know, without even looking,

You'll kneel on the floor, you will be sucking.

What's that, Girl? I did not hear.

I look down at your wet eyes of fear.

I release your hair from within my fist,

I take your face, and those lips I kissed,

I push them down on to the floor,

I'm far from finished, I am having more,

And you know by the end of the night,

I'll take you hard, no matter how tight,

Nor how much you protest, nor how much you scream,

Because this how you told me...

This is your secret dream.

You pick up the flowers

From off the ground.

Into a vase

That in a cupboard, you found.

You come back to me,

My embrace, my hold.

The darkness still fills,

but now warms your soul.