Jet Black Heart

A pint, please,

I asked,

Of Jet Black Heart. 

I couldn't resist,

Seemed appropriate. 

What's the occasion?

Asked the jovial man at the bar. 


I replied,

I got lost in a daydream,

One of long sought after love,

Of beauty,

And sex so intimate

It would make you weep. 

Visions of creating art,

Masterpieces for the ages,

I allowed myself to dream,

Of a future where I was happy,

In love,

Of weekends with

Breakfast in bed,

Late nights on the sofa. 

The simple pleasures of 

Making a special girl smile,

And laugh,

And want me,

As much as I wanted her. 

But I was wrong,

My new friend,

And I woke up from the dream,

And it wasn't real. 

So now I drink,

To forget what never was. 

I lie.

In fact I replied,

It's Sunday. 

It's my thirtieth!

I'm getting drunk!

He said.