No Longer Dark

We never did so many things

We never got to say goodbye.

I never said I love you.

You never got your beard ride.

We never went on holiday.

We never met our respective mothers.

We never ever argued.

We never thought of any other.

I never wanted you to go.

I never wanted you to leave.

I didn't want to cut all ties,

But we both really need to grieve.

Do you miss me, do you love?

Do you miss the trick with my thumb?

You said you loved it.

You said it made you cum.

I miss you sleeping, fingers in my beard.

Turning over in the night,

Just to hug me.

It felt so right.

I miss the things you told me,

And how you made me feel.

And even in irrational moments of doubt,

I do know it was all real.

I miss the sounds you'd make

When your neck I'd kiss.

The list is fucking endless

Of all the things I miss.

I miss you shouting “Harder!”,

I miss you screaming “Oh God Yes!”

I miss your nails in my back

I miss your post orgasmic hair all a mess.

I miss us doing nothing.

Sat watching a film on TV.

Happy, in silence.

Just you, and just me.

We never did so many things,

But most of all, listen kid,

I get lost in my memories,

The things I miss that we did.

When our lives are no longer dark,

And we're ready to face the world,

I'd love nothing more

Than if you'd again want to be my girl.