No Money + Bare Legs

I wish I had money,

Then I could go out tonight,

And see all the pretty girls

With bare legs

In all the bars. 

And I could sit

And drink,

And wash my worries away. 


I realise I'm sat alone,

And everyone is

Half my age,

And they're all 

Drinking with their friends. 

And I'll wish

I had friends,

To drink with

And laugh,

And smile at each other's


And I'll realise that

The beer

Is overpriced,

And I can't sit

As all the seats are


As are the girls. 

And being jostled

By people,

Who look at the

Old man,

Guarding his

Expensive whiskey. 

And I'll go home



Wishing I'd never

Gone out,

And wasted the money

I don't have anyway.