Notes On A 7am Bus Journey

I overthink, therefore I am

Causing myself anxiety, and

My god, who needs a fucking drink. 

Except there is no God. 

And He is both 

Not everywhere and not nowhere. 

With or without Him,

Life miserably marches on,

Towards entropic death. 

Each day a reminder 

Of yesterday's mistakes. 

Surely if there was a God,

We'd recall

Yesterday's victories. 

And in our mortal,

And drearily immortal lives,

We find others haunted

By yesterday,

And fear of tomorrow,

And why doesn't God answer?

But what option,

Do we have but

To continue. 

We are all Sisyphus,

Tricked by our own hubris,

Forever pushing that boulder,

Heavy with the weight of




Up that hill each day,

Then home 

To be told how to live

By the television. 

Only to return back to that boulder

The next morning. 

Not enough of us 

Seek refuge in





It's escape,

It's freedom. 

Just not enough of us. 

Where's that drink I ordered?

I blame God.