Nothing Else Will Matter

Sweet Jesus, look at this mess.

To think they ridiculed Reagan

As a cowboy politician.

And now this gargantuan

Bell end.

And Putin rolls his lucky dice,

Hand hovering over the

Big Red Button,


Come on snake eyes,

Apocalypse or bust.

Media blinds us with

Innocuous tales of rich morons.

Print media delivers evil directives,

Destroy the blacks, the brown, the gays,

Fuck those in need.

I’m all white, Jack,

All right?

Fucks sake…

There’s nothing in the news,

Only fear and hate,

Or celebrity nonsense.

I fear for all,

I feel helpless.

Let’s run away,

You and I,

Let’s find that cabin in the wilderness.

Let’s just exist,

Just for each other.

Let’s wake up up naked,

And the first thing I see,

Is the same,

As the last each and every night.

Just you.

And forget the world, and fuck the news.

We can make our world

One of art, and music, and love.

And we won’t need politics,

Or hate,

Or celebrities.

As long as you say my name in the dark,

As long as I feel your touch in the night.

Nothing else will matter.