She came to him, 

With eyes so bright,

A dirty smile,

But virgin tight.

Innocent and experienced,

Here to teach and here to learn.

To show what she knew,

And to find what she yearned.

He wasn't old,

But far from a child.

His mind seemed calm,

His eyes were wild.

He had a hunger,

That he couldn't quench,

For a hungry girl,

A wanton wench.

She took his hand,

And showed him where,

She needed his touch,

He felt her, there.

He found her mouth

With his own.

He felt her melt.

He felt her moan.

She used her mouth,

She used her fingers,

Her scent was in his beard,

And there it lingers.

He used his mouth,

He used his tongue,

Sweet tastes, and sour,

Thrilled him on and on.

They fed on each other,

They fed on lust,

They fed on sweat,

They fed as they must.

They collapsed, exhausted,

And just as anticipated,

For now they were full,

Their hunger sated.