I'm thirsty. 

By which I mean

I've run out of whiskey. 

I put it all in my coffee,

With my eggs and bacon. 

I needed a fix,

Needed to get frisky. 

Now I need more beer,

Need to feel numb. 

My mind seems to hate me,

Asks too many questions,

Answers, I've none.

So I'll drink to oblivion,

Raise a glass to the abyss,

That I want to fall in to,

I doubt I'll be missed. 

So pour me a drink,

I'll be at the bar,

Where women,

And writers block,

And hangovers,

And heartbreak,

And misery,

And money,

And all my dark memories,

And all the good ones too,

Are washed clean away,

Washed away far.