Winter + The City

Leaving the warmth and

The welcome of the pub,

It's back on to the city streets. 

Sleet settles and slides with each step

As snow,

Heavier than before,

Begins to form a white blanket

Over everything it's

Bastard white flakey fingers touch. 

The city is divided,

Between those giddy,

Like they've never seen

Fucking snow before,

And those

(Mostly in stilettos and mini skirts)

Squeal, trotting between venues,

Costs over heads,

Barely hiding bare arms and legs. 

Fuck, how I despise them all. 

I'm not even drunk,

I can't afford city drunk prices,

But I need more booze,

I need to fill


And I need to lose this cloud

That's been following me around

For weeks now. 

I study the crowds,

I hear their chatter.

Their fucking 'banter'. 

I could have stayed with my friend,

And his lovely new woman,

And her friend. 

The idea of being 

The Novelty Oldest Man In The Club

They were heading to didn't work for me. 

I'm all for young ladies with

Daddy issues. 


Not tonight, Satan. 

Not tonight. 

I've other things,

Other people,

On my mind. 

A bottle of scotch,


And a fresh pack of cigarettes

(I am trying to cut back, I swear)

And I cross back through the city.


Harassed by drug dealers,

Oh, gents, 

If only you knew the craving

I possess,

For the oblivion 

You promise. 

I pass bars to see

Packs of men and women 

Hunt their prey,

The drunk,

The alone,

The vulnerable,

Those separated from their own pack.

Divide and conquer. 

I haven't been out 

In the city,

Not since...

Doesn't matter. 

Out of the noise

Of the city,

Snow settles,

Still falling,

Still a fucking pain. 

By tomorrow,

It will be a discoloured frozen travesty. 

A bus overtakes me,

As I trudge past the bus stop

Where I would have got off. 

Glad I hadn't waited for it. 

And then home.

And then whiskey. 

Better off drinking at home. 

Lesson learned. Again.