Because the world is full of hate.

Because fear dominates everything.

Because not everyone lives free.

Because we kill everything we touch.

Even love.

Because you're distant.

Because I can't reach out to you.

Because I failed to help.

Because I'm just another problem.

And I lost your trust.

Because the rage boils up inside me.

Because I don't let anyone see that side.

Because it rips me apart.

Because of the pain I feel,

All the time.

Because I'm lost.

Because I'm an fool.

Because of my self loathing.

Because I detest myself,

For the pain I've caused.

Because I don't deserve you.

Because I fear I'll never live up to your expectations.

Because I think I'm losing you.

Because of the look in your eyes.

It's not the look I used to see.