Red Light Lit Vol. 6

I've always been a little creative, but also struggled to find outlets for the creativity at times. I'm sure I've been over all this before.

Writing is something I've done for ages, and it was something I dearly missed once I'd left university, and working as an academic, I had no reason to be writing, no more dissertations, no more academic papers. 

Poetry came easier than trying to write stories. And in times when I was miserable, it flowed even easier. My subject matter was often on love, lust, sex, and heartbreak. Universal themes for all of us. 

I kept it all hidden for a long time, until I dared showed anyone, and said anyones coerced me in to putting it online, anonymous to begin with. Those who found it and read it messaged me to tell me they loved it. My confidence grew. 

About that time I had been following a magazine's Facebook page, Sex+Design, and they started a spin off page Red Light Lit, with the aim of publishing, promoting, and holding events with the main theme being the topics of love, lust and sex within the boundaries of literature and art.

I sent off some work for their first publication after I saw a call for submissions. I'm a photographer, so I know what it's like to submit work - most of the time there is never even any response, never mind a 'thanks, but no.'

So I was over the moon when they asked if they could use my poem 'Slow'. It was published in their first even edition (which sadly sold out before I could get hold of a copy), and performed by Mat Cab at the launch party in San Francisco. 

A year later, with the journal going from strength to strength, I was asked if they could now use some of my photography, from my Abstract Projections series. I mean of course they can! I'm not a commercial photographer any more, taking photos purely for monetary gain just never fulfilled the artist in me (although it's nice to be able to pay bills occasionally), but seeing my work used for something I admire is very special to me. 

So currently, the latest volume of Red Light Lit has my work on the cover, which is being toured and touted all over the U.S. west coast, with parties in San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as daily promotion on Facebook to a worldwide audience. 

And I could not be happier nor prouder. 

And it just pushes me further to create, photograph, and write more, and not to give up. 

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