The following entry was originally published in Red Light Lit Vol. 1, in September 2013, and also performed by Mat Cab at the first Red Light Lit event in San Francisco.

Further poems, in all their disgusting glory, can be found here:

It was agreed at first,

To take it slow.

So of course

We fucked on the floor.


We flirted next,

You flashed me your tattoo.

So of course

We fucked in the bathroom.


We then argued

Over the share of the tab.

On the way home

We fucked in the cab.


I held back your hair

When you were sick, retching.

And after that

We fucked in the kitchen.


We fucked nearly everywhere,

And when we where able.

We pushed aside dinner

And fucked on the table.


We fucked when we were happy.

We fucked when we were sober.

We fucked on a ferry

From Calais to Dover


We fucked when we were drunk.

We fucked when we were mad.

I will always remember you,

The best fuck I had.


Then once after we fucked,

I caught you crying.

And inside I was fucked

Like a piece of me dying.


And then it was over

And it has to be said

Not never, not once

Did we fuck in our bed.


I miss you my love,

I miss your sweet post-coital glow.

I fucking wish

We had taken it slow.