Late Night Thoughts


Late night thoughts,

As the clock ticks endlessly onwards

Towards tomorrow...

And thoughts drift back over time,

As time itself marches forwards.

A paradox in itself,

Time shifting in both directions,

Leaving the present a growing abyss

Filling with infinite quiet melancholy. 

Thoughts dwell on past triumphs,

Moments lost in time...

Yet here they are, found again. 

Memories fill out,

Take shape, 

And transport me back.

And there I am,

With her, once more. 

And whilst there are many,

Many moments I remember,

It's one special memory

I always find myself revisiting

On nights like this. 

It wasn't the first time we 

Entwined our naked flesh,

Nor the last. 

Nor any of the times in between.

It was a kiss.

Not some Hollywood clinch,

My lips never even met hers,

This time.

But hers brushed my cheek,

On a railway platform.

A promise,

And the start of what was

Six whole weeks together,

Then never to see her again. 

But that kiss...

The promise it held,

Was worth more than

Any promise ever made. 

It was a good night,

A temporary goodbye,

And also a hello.