It’s almost an annual event, that moment when inspiration and motivation hit a lull, and I look to my website and think “I’m bored with this. Let’s change it all around…”

Which then I never do, as I can never decide just what I want to do with it, what do I want to change, and what can I do to stop neglecting it. Let’s face it, while I do keep the front page fresh with new images, it’s been ages since I last updated the Words section. 

I do enjoy writing and blogging, very much so. I enjoy the creative outlet, and the opportunity to get all the words swimming around in my head, and make some kind of sense out of them. Those who know me personally can attest my ability to fumble and mumble and complicate myself vocally in person. 

But the one thing I struggle with, and this goes for all my creative output, visual, visceral, or verse, what on earth does anyone want to read about?

I’m not a blogger, I’m not looking to create clickbait, generate hits and sponsors, and advertising, although I have done in the past, and would welcome any opportunity to blog products and events. But I’m talking more about in a personal sense, what would anyone want to read? More poetry, and creative fiction? Reviews? Wild tales and shenanigans? Thoughts and such on photography and photographers?

I am genuinely interested, and would very much like to hear your opinions and ideas.

You can comment below, or @Mister__Parker and @ChrisWParker on twitter.