2017 New Year’s Resolution #1.

When someone asks about a photo, and wants to know how I produced it, I will have to be rude and tell them no.

‘Oh, but I’m only a poor amateur, and I’ll never learn.’

Oh, but I’m only a poor full time, hard working, constantly learning, 3+ years in formal education (which I’ll be paying off the debts forever), striving to figure out how to be creative, to make art, and to understand and critically analyse photographs, and understand photographers and artists, and I read, and I look, and I write, and study, and then at the very end of that, I pick up my camera. 

If you want to know how I produced whatever piece of work it is you admire, then it’s fifteen years of working at it, of late nights worrying about paying bills, stressing over creative block, anxiety over clients and work, constantly failing, and then getting back up to try again. The constant knocks to your confidence. The perpetual doubting of your abilities, you skills. The process of actually creating the image, whether it’s hours of analogue or digital manipulation, in-camera trickery, intricate studio lighting and special FX, or just a simple app of my iPhone/iPad, unless you’re paying me tuition and consultation fees, then it’s up to you to figure it all out. And I don’t come cheap, Mister/Missus Amateur Photographer…

Demanding all the answers will inevitably teach you nothing about the journey. 

But asking for help, for assistance along the way on your journey, well, you never know where that might lead.