Despite Immense Distances We Can See The Light From The Stars

I saw the stars gleam in your eyes,

The day we kissed, I heard you sigh,

Just once before we said goodbye,

I dreamed of being ‘tween your thighs,

Once, to witness orgasmic cries.

Then more than once to tell no lies.

The stars belong up in the skies,

I wish no tears were in your eyes,

As you have made me feel so high,

I lust for more, and so I try,

To remember that god damned kiss,

To see those stars, to touch your lips,

To feel my hands upon your hips,

And never ever you to miss,

And never to have said goodbye,

To thighs

And sighs

And cries,

And highs,

And to seeing stars gleam in your eyes.