Love Is Like A Shiny, Red, Heart-Shaped Helium Balloon

For you,

Love is like a shiny,



Helium balloon,

Stuck up in a tree.

It's shiny and pretty,

And you want it so much,

So you have to climb

To get it.

And you do so,

With glee

And giddy pleasure.

It doesn't matter

If you break a nail,

Scuff your shoes,

Graze a knee.

Climbing out on a limb,

Creaking under the weight

Of the heavy importance

You place on this love.

And when you reach out,

When love is at your fingertips,

You look down at how high

You have climbed,

And vertigo makes your head swim.

With love within reach,

You doubt your

Precarious position.

Reach for it,

And risk falling,

Or give up

And climb back down.

But for me,

I'm happy watching you

Up that tree.

I've got a great view of your arse.