Red Light Lit Vol. 9

Tomorrow night (Friday 6th November) sees the release party for Red Light Lit Vol. 9, the quarterly literary journal published in San Francisco. I’ve mentioned before I was lucky enough to have (my first ever literary submission!) published way back in Volume 1, and they have used and published quite a few of my photos in the past as well.

I was very happy to receive the pdf draft of Vol. 9 last week to proof read my latest publication, a poem titled Love Is Like A Shiny, Red, Heart-Shaped Helium Balloon, and also another of my photos from a shoot earlier this year. It fills me with pride that I’ve been selected again. As someone who strived to be creative in whatever manner I can be, getting recognised and published is always amazing, especially when it’s nearly at the other side of the planet. I think most creatives and artists (I would hate to self apply the term ‘artist’ to myself, I don’t know why) all suffer from a crippling self doubt, that no one really wants to look at their work, that it’s never good enough. I have friends who tell me how much they admire my words and pictures, but the self doubt can be so much I doubt their praise - they’re only saying it because they’re friends, like a doting parent pinning their child’s unintelligible crayon scribblings on the wall. (I’m sorry, friends, it’s not you, it’s me.)

The encouragement I get from Jennifer and Veronica, the Red Light Lit masterminds is incredible, and I can never thank them enough for reaching out from Northern California to rainy old Manchester to guide me, send motivation and inspiration. I can only repay them by trying harder to creative, and evolve as an artist, I don’t think my thanks would ever be enough.

So, buy the journal, support the arts!

Sadly, of course, I can’t be at the launch tomorrow night, those damn lottery numbers STILL haven’t come up. But I wish them, and all the other contributors and performers all the best, and that they have an absolute ball.

And I will keep trying. Keep writing. Keep taking photos. It’s advice to any prospective artist, not to give up, and to keep going.

Red Light Lit

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