Review - Shooting On The Rim

Dir: Thomas Oldham. Writers: Thomas Oldham, David Olsen, Paul Thorp. DoP: John Grey

Shooting On The Rim is the first feature length film from Ask Me Tomorrow Productions, due to be released on Vimeo’s On-Demand feature on October 30th. It’s a ‘mockumentary’ styled film, with distinct flavours of The Office and The Thick Of It, about the production of an adult movie. The auteurs have fantastical, and doomed, ideas about breaking the genre completely, whilst all around them chaos slowly ensues amidst protests, pretentious writing and egos, and on-set accidents.

Overall, it’s an enjoyable film, solidly acted on the most part, and has some genuinely laugh-out-loud moments. The script isn’t too shabby, maybe it could have been tightened up in a few places, and there were possibly a couple of redundant scenes that could have been cut completely in favour of extending or improving others. But for a first feature film, on an absolute minimal budget, these are minor complaints.

Robert O’Flaherty is Curtis Valentine the scriptwriter with the grandiose vision, a splendidly pretentious fool, with dreams above his station, without the means nor experience to adequately produce the goods. He’s soon out of his depth, feeling his vision being taken out of his control, and his constant absurd rewrites (a period drama threatens to turn in to time travelling monster laden sci-fi) drain the budget, the resources, and the patience of the cast and crew. Lance Harding the director (Joseph Stacey) struggles to keep the film going, as well as keeping everyone sane and happy, whilst is film making partner and editor Claire (Rebecca Brook) is the backbone of the production. The ‘adult’ stars [despite the topic of the mockumentary, there’s no actual adult content] are wonderfully cast. Colin Phukzalot (Ryan Dolan) is a wooden monotone British porn star, with little acting prowess, whilst his opposite number is French accented Auriel Blanc (Alice Brockway), an articulate, polite foreign student, paying her way through medical school.

When accidents happen, and the budget runs out, they’re kicked off the stately home set, the film’s producers disappear, and anti-porn protesters causing trouble, it start looking more and more like Lance and the crew are going to fail. The film is looking more and more ridiculous with each ludicrous rewrite. Will crew members step up, and help finish the film?

It’s quite a dry wit throughout the film, with a few moments of not-quite-so-perfectly timed slapstick. The documentary style suits the very low budget of the whole production (although a few scenes were a little too ‘hand held’ shaky), and it would be interesting to see what future productions can be made with a better cash flow. If you’re a fan of any TV/Film mockumentary, The Office, Parks & Recreation, and epics like This Is Spinal Tap, or Best In Show, but with a slightly more adult flavour (mostly language), then you will probably enjoy this.

And at less that £2, for an hour and a half of entertainment, you’re helping fund creative ventures, you’re not lining the pockets of Hollywood bigwigs, but local artists (it was all made in the North of England, in and around Manchester, Lancashire, and Yorkshire) so please do click on the links below.

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