Goals and Resolutions for the Creative in 2019

It’s that time of year again, the joy of Christmas (it was only 2 weeks ago, y’know!) seems long gone, it’s dark, it’s cold, everyone is penniless, and for the creative types, motivation and inspiration seems to be at an all time low.

I know it is for me, so, what can be done?

There are a number of articles online, '10 MUST DO RESOLUTIONS FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS/WRITERS/CREATIVES', a quick google search brings up a wealth of these, and they all have very salient points that anyone with a desire to get busy and get creative would find interesting. Cherry pick your favourites, or those you find more applicable. As for my own?

- Read more. Read monographs, read reviews, read essays, read novels, read autobiographies. Fill your world with words, and with ideas, and with knowledge. 

- See more. Go see exhibitions, visit galleries, look and study the work of others. See what makes them tick, what inspires those who inspire you. Go for walks in the city, in the country, and look around you, even if just on the daily commute, take notice of the world around you, and especially over the next 4 months, see how the world you see every day changes, from the depths of winter, and watch how spring arrives, and changes the landscape. 

- Dream more. Not only daydream, but take inspiration from what your mind creates in those moments you allow it to drift, and let that guide you, and build from it. 

- Carry a camera, and a notebook. And of course most of us carry a smartphone which can do both these things. Jot down those ideas, take a pic of that location, or that sunset (or sunrise if you're up and about early enough. 

- Collaborate. Ok, a tricky one for me, with my crippling misanthropy. But I do collaborate; I do bloggy stuff with friends, I work with photographers and other creatives. Talk, and exchange ideas. That project you never got off the ground may inspire others, or they might have ideas that help you. Work together and build together. 

- Cook or bake. Redirect that creative urge. Those days when you can't write, no inspiration to take photographs, or draw, make something delicious instead. Browse recipe websites and find something to make. Invite friends round, and entertain them, and be entertained. 

- Listen to music. Put the radio on, play some albums you haven't listened to in a long time. Get nostalgic with the lost music of your youth. 

- Do stuff. Get off your arse, get out the house, and do something. There is nothing worse than when you're feeling stuck in a rut, than the feeling of apathetic helplessness, and finding the motivation to actually do something. We've all been there, but the moment you start, and the moment you can look at something and think 'I did that', it's the moment you find so much more motivation, and whoop! You're on the creativity train again.